A few weeks ago we sent out communication about a new client referral opportunity.


We still encourage you to look around and refer a company to us if you have personal connections with them. We have already received several references recently, and we all thank you for the help and loyalty towards the BARE Family. In order to understand better how this program works and to clarify some points many of you asked us about, we would like to share with you, some of the frequently asked questions and replies.


We consider a “warm” lead if you know the person you are referring to us so that we can mention your name as the “lead generator”. If you do not know the person, we cannot consider it a warm lead and we will not be able to pay you a referral fee in case of success. If you know the person but would not like your name to be mentioned, please tell us so.

We thank you for your interest and suggestions, but we cannot consider these as warm leads and unfortunately cannot pay you a referral fee in case of success.

We review and evaluate one by one every lead you submit. In case our sales team sees potential in it, we will contact you via mail to clarify some points and again once the process starts. We will inform you in case there is the chance to propose a contract to the company or, otherwise, if the lead went cold.

We will pay for the lead in case we are able to finalize the program within 6 months from your submission , and only in case of signed contract and first paid invoice. We will not pay only for the lead submission.

We are looking only for warm leads, coming directly from you that is of a personal or work-related contact. We cannot accept lists covered by NDAs or other agreements you may have signed with a third party.

This program is dedicated to our evaluators, and we are not looking at the moment to change our Sales structure.

You can mention a lead from any company, but in this particular moment we are looking to run more programs online and via phone, so online companies (food, retail, grocery delivery), pharmacies and drugstores, banks and insurances and telecom.

Yes, this is now a global program. We will follow up your contact no matter in which country it is.

No, we are not providing templates. Feel free to check out our service page for more information.

No, we are not looking for sales or social media representatives. Please DO NOT represent BARE on any platform.

Please, check out our service page to know about our services.