As we have more and more electric cars on our roads, it’s getting more and more important to familiarize ourselves with them. Personally, for me it has always been very interesting to think about information technology and see how much this industry has evolved – while our

cars (and internal combustion engines specifically) have still been running with roughly the same machinery as about 100 years ago. This is a topic worth discussing, as we know how much impact it has on our lives and how it has come to shape the world we live in. Electric cars are more and more likely to play a huge part in the solution of worldwide pollution issues, so here are some interesting facts about electric cars:

  • The first electric cars were crafted in the 1880s, and they were really popular in the end of 19th century until the early 1900s, when the mass production of petrol-engine vehicles got cheaper.
  • Electric cars were first used as taxi cabs in New York City.
  • In 1899 the first automobile that could reach 100 km/h was actually an electric car (it was called La Jamais Contente – “The Never Satisfied”).
  • In 1912 more than 30.000 electric cars were in use, but by the dawn of the ‘30s they became literally extinct.
  • The second boom was between the 1970s and 1980s, and was closely linked to the Oil Crisis (with increasing prices of crude oil and the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions).
  • Now they are living their renaissance, thanks to the advance in the field of batteries and electric engines.
  • There are hybrid cars as well: they switch back to gasoline power once the battery is drained.
  • Today’s electric cars can travel up to a distance of about 160 km on just one charge cycle.
  • The batteries of electric cars can last for several years.
  • Actually your chances of running out of charge when stuck in traffic are just about the same in an electric vehicle as in a gasoline-fueled car.

At BARE International we are really excited about the changes of the automotive industry, as we care about our environment. The brands and the governments are already preparing, and so are we!

Author: Adrienne

Adrienne is a guest blogger of BARE International. She is interested in many things: from playing music, riding horses, to reading ancient texts in their originally written languages. Basically she never gets bored.

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