How to Have a Healthy Relationship with Your Employees

Tomorrow is World Health Day! As well as looking into your own personal health and lifestyle goals, it’s time you looked into the workplace. While it’s essential to build healthy bonds with your team, defining areas of respect, authority and productivity can be challenging when navigating the line between boss and friend.

Your employees are your most valuable asset.

You’ve heard it hundreds of times: It’s the people who make a company successful. Your employees are the ones who interact with customers, and whatever rules you lay down for them, they won’t make customers feel happy and engaged unless they’re happy and engaged themselves. And yet, too few bosses put the needed time and energy into building strong relationships with their employees.

To make your employees feel valued, try not acting superior. You’re already in a position of authority. There’s no need to underline that fact by treating the people who work for you as though they are somehow inferior. Answer their emails when they reach out to you and get involved in their work concerns by making time to speak with them, showing support and lending assistance when they need it.

Be the boss AND friend.

Don’t feel the need to downplay your friendships with employees but be sensitive to the feelings of other staff members. Stay consistent in your treatment of everyone so that no one feels betrayed by any seemingly special favours. You’re not always going to be liked – Resolve internal conflicts where you can but always remember that it’s up to you to make the tough decisions.

Friendships aside, give clear responsibilities and let employees know they’re accountable. By teaching every manager in your organization they’re responsible for meeting targets, they’ll need to focus on the role at hand and know targets are there to be met and on time. At the end of the day, your company financial goals are what keeps you afloat. It’s important that you’re assertive about your boundaries, and that you know how much time you can devote during the work day for social interactions.

Just because you’re the boss it doesn’t mean you can’t take some downtime with your team to unwind and relax. Working with people you respect, and who respect you back, will ensure that socialising and friendships are easy to separate from working relationships.

The greatest wealth is health!

World Health day on April 7th every year is an opportunity to draw Worldwide attention to a subject of Major importance to global health.

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