‘Artificial Intelligence and Customer Experience are both quite popular in the business industry today. While one promises the exponential possibility of growth and modernization, the other denotes the importance of customers in business growth.’ BARE shares an article by Pratip Biswas for IoT For All on AI and CX.

and fulfill the demands of the customers at a faster rate.


Where there is AI, there is data. Using the vast amounts of data generated by us on a daily basis, AI tech is doing wonders. And needless to say, ADI too is making use of data to create stunning web designs that bring real value.

It’s also obvious that one has to keep an eye on the data to create perfect customer experience web design. It is not easy giving the people what they want, and what better way to know what the users want unless we examine the data they are generating? However, analyzing data sets can be quite a daunting task with lots of room for human error. And that’s where ADI wins again.

The AI strategy of generating a design by ADI includes an analysis process that sorts through the target demographic data. It pulls out core insight and generates the design, helping the companies to create a site that is all about the users, resulting in improved CX.

UX improvements on a website is an important part of CX management strategy. Just having a functional site is not enough anymore, it needs to be good looking too. And here you will find ADI helping you out without even asking.

A CX maturity model follows the four major UX components – value, desirability, usability, and adaptability. And while generating a template, ADI keeps all the four elements in check and creates an interface that’s not only amazing to look at, but introduces value to both the customer’s experience and the business operation.


Content personalization is an amazing way of improving the platform and establishing the organization as a CX leader in the market. And who else is better at doing that than machine learning? eCommerce and other websites are already using ML in order to personalize suggestions to the users when they are surfing the web. And ADI can help businesses to capitalize on this feature even more.

Based on the data collected by machine learning software, the AI-based web design framework can examine the online behavior of a specific target demographic and personalize the content to fit specialized needs, preferences, and requirements. This tailored approach helps the businesses to connect well with their audience and make life long relationships with them.


New technologies are emerging on a daily basis, and it is important to integrate the more important ones within the design of the web, not for the sake of modernization, but for the sake of enhancing the CX management strategy.

And that’s where once again we need AI strategy. Integrating technologies such as voice search, chatbot, and subtitle generation for videos, AI in design has proven that including newer technologies within the web design sphere is going to do wonders for the improvement of business websites.


There’s a lot of argument on whether the combination of web design and artificial intelligence is actually healthy or not. And of course, keeping in mind the matter of designers, it can be a little sinister to think that one day AI will take away jobs. But thankfully, AI in web design is not yet that advanced. In the meantime, the integration of AI in design is proving to be quite healthy for CX improvements. So in the future, we are expecting almost all the industry sectors to take advantage of this technology to grow their business.’


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