BARE International honored for the MSPA Americas annual Shoppers’ Choice Awards for 2020.

The 2020 winning companies of the Shopper’s Choice Awards include BARE International [for the fourth consecutive year].

“It is my honor to congratulate the winners of the 2020 Shoppers’ Choice Awards on behalf of the Board of Directors of MSPA Americas,” stated MSPA Americas President Sam Hersey. “All of our members maintain excellent and professional relationships with their bases of independent contractors, and so it is a tribute to these winners to earn this distinction in a very crowded field.”

The Shoppers’ Choice Awards were instituted in 2015 by MSPA Americas to recognize its member research companies which  independent contractors identify as those that they most enjoy completing projects for. Votes are cast by members of the MSPA Americas IC Plus category of membership, and the top five research companies receiving the most votes are named as winners of each year’s award.

For more information, please contact MSPA Americas at (407) 919- MSPA (6772) or via’

If you’re interested in becoming an evaluator or mystery shopper for BARE International, please visit

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