Great customer service goes beyond fixing an appliance or handing out discounts. It’s about leaving people with a good feeling about your business. But even the most successful of businesses have failed the customer at some point. Read more

There are so many gains of becoming a Mystery Evaluator for BARE International. If you are thinking of becoming a mystery shopper, below are just a handful of detailed benefits you can achieve throughout your professional career with us and beyond. Read more

In the month of October, many people are excited about the fall season and the upcoming holidays, showing colors of red, orange, and brown. Along with those traditional colors are shades of pink, to symbolize Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM). For the entire month of October, the annual campaign increases awareness of breast cancer, supporting those who have been affected, around the world.  Read more

As a business owner, it’s critical to understand how expectations are evolving and how to adapt business strategies to effectively close this gap. Read more

Let’s face it, not all work is as fun and rewarding as we hoped. Most of us need an office job to supplement the fun work we do as secret shoppers for BARE International!

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BARE International can help your company craft a customer research program that includes mystery visits, to fit your unique needs. Here BARE shares an article from Hotel ExecutiveIs Your Mystery Shop Program Working? Read more

Business Intelligence is now a global phenomenon. With deep understanding of customers, BARE International India helps clients understand their data.

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BARE International was born from the need for mystery customer research at the national and global level. Our customer research solutions are unlike any other Mystery Shopping company out there as we create a program to measure your customer’s experience interacting with your brand. That covers every aspect from their customer service to the customer care they receive, but what’s the difference and why is it vital to know?

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