‘Healthcare is competitive, just like any other business. Healthcare professionals have learned the importance of delivering an excellent patient experience. Their future business depends on it.’ BARE shares an article by Shep Hyken for Forbes on healthcare experience. Read more

Are you interested in making an impact on your operational and service results?  Are you concerned that standards have fallen due to lack of corporate budget for monitoring? Do you want make a difference with a nominal investment in time and money? 

There is a saying, “You cannot manage what you do not measure”.  Linda Amraen, Global Director of Client Services of Hospitality at BARE International,  provides an overview of the Self-Audit methodology and why deploying Self-Audit to ensure your team is performing according to standards is important in mitigation of risk and overall improvement. 

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‘I have just read a summary of what will happen in the future. It is exciting but also a little scary. It suggests that retailers have to change. Maybe retail will be more automated or maybe we will have less dense strip-malls. It certainly will be less people intensive as companies adopt the use of more advanced AI (Artificial Intelligence) to anticipate needs and enable automated delivery.’ BARE shares an article by Walter Loeb for Forbes on the future of retail. Read more

‘Average brands deliver exactly what is asked of them. Exceptional brands deliver more. Finding novel and surprising ways to go the extra mile turns sceptics into fanatics and passive bystanders into loyal customers who tell their friends.’ BARE shares an article by Jodie Cook for Forbes on improving customer loyalty and putting customers first.  Read more

‘The electric car industry is about to become the greatest thing since sliced bread… or so a lot of people would have you believe. The truth is something different.’ BARE shares an article by Warren Shoulberg for Forbes on the electric car industry. Read more

If you’ve ever worked in the service industry at any level, chances are that the thought of a mystery guest or a mystery shopper fills you with dread or anxiety. You never know who it might be, so you always have to put your best foot forward. Moreover, the whole staff has to remain on high alert so as not to make an accidental mistake. Read more

‘Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, rates of online grocery and takeout orders have doubled as many parts of the world have suspended or reduced movement to curb the spread of the virus.’ BARE shares an article by Cagla Ertugrul for MarketingTech on online food businesses post pandemic. Read more

‘A total of 167 billion coupons were distributed to US consumers in the first six months of 2011, according to the research firm NCH Marketing Services, and the value of redeemed coupons rose 5.3 percent to $2 billion. But it’s not your grandmother’s Sunday newspaper coupon clipping anymore. Websites with names like Southern Savers, livefabuless.com or thekrazycouponlady.com give consumers an edge on how to find the the right discounts in the art of “couponing,” which has evolved into a verb.’ BARE shares an article by Jonathan Treiber for Forbes on the humble coupon, which in the past gave consumers a few cents off soap or cereal , that has now mushroomed into a lifestyle for millions of Americans with its own television programs, websites and trading platforms. Read more

‘Who’s ordering most of the mobile meals we’ve come to love in the age of COVID? You know who. It’s millennials and Gen Z, overwhelmingly.’ BARE shares an article for PYMNTS.com on restaurant customer loyalty. Read more

‘Although leisure travel is currently a pretty lousy idea in most of the world, there are still times when people really need to travel. And with hotels struggling to stay afloat, it makes sense that some of them are turning to a new way to delivery hospitality—to take care of their guests.’ BARE shares an article by Ann Abel for Forbes on quarantining in hotels. Read more